Mary Kay Wrote:
Oct 28, 2012 9:48 PM
Smoke another one, Steve of CA! Big Wind is a Big Scam initiated in the US by ENRON. It's the same big, bad oil, coal, & nuclear Corporations that own wind - i.e: GE, BP, AES, FPL, NextEra, Iberdrola, etc. If it's just "ultra-Conservatives" who are against it, how come industry giant, EXELON - who actually owns wind plants - has come out hard against the extension of the PTC??? Easy - Because the costs vs. the benefits are NOT there! Making everybody's electricity 4x more expensive isn't going to do anything to keep businesses and industries here in the US! Obama's "necessarily skyrocketing electricity rates" hurt average American families the most - especially the poor! We need to STOP throwing our money into the wind!