CaraMia Wrote:
Oct 28, 2012 10:20 AM
omg, women have flocked to the imposter. especially the young, they have no real knowledge of this imposter. I think they do, the young women that is, they do vote with their vagina. Maybe not all but they fell for the swagger. They have no idea about history, and even some Jewish women. What could they be thinking. History can repeat itself if we dont recognize a bser, a liar, a pompous arrogant narcassitic when they see one. He stood in 2008 with all this glamour and glitter with words to match but didnt see his background, his non experience in ANYTHING! I am so angry at those young in 2008 and those who vote for him today. I am angry at the lies and denial of security for those 4 men. I will enjoy his loosing presidency. deserves it.