Dr. Moon Wrote:
Oct 27, 2012 7:04 PM
Another Democrat fallacy, Halliburton. The reason Halliburton gets the contracts it does is because its the ONLY company in the World that can do everything it does. Halliburton does everything from suppli\ying drilling tools and bits, to blow out preventers, they store and deliver gasoline and diesel to our troops. Halliburton does all of the cementing and stimulating of all off shore rigs in the Gulf and in Saudi Arabia. Halliburton has the biggest well fire fighting crews in the world and unbeknownst to most people Halliburton even has some of their men working for the CIA doing undercover work. I know, my family has been working for Halliburton in the Middle East and South America for 60 years. Halliburton is the best run Company in th