paratisi Wrote:
Oct 27, 2012 5:16 PM
The Murderer-in-chief, again has no leg to stand on, as the people thrown under the bus, point to the Occutard in the White House, as the only one with the power to make such a decision. The Betrayal of 4 dead Americans, once again show this POS, has no Heart! The Epic, if not Biblical Betrayal, is worthy of Judas! The help from the Obama Jihadi media is just as TREASONOUS an act as the order for the Military & the CIA, to "Stand Down"! The eSTAB-lishment Republicans now stand to be smeared with the Blood of the Betrayed and Murdered Heroes, if they don't Indict the Murderer who made the decision to allow Al-Qaeda terrorists, to go unchallenged on 9/11/2012!