Isahiah Wrote:
Oct 27, 2012 4:35 PM
In Obama's haste to "bring home the troops" (which he pretends is b/c of his great compassion but is to placate his base who are rebelling because he did not keep any of his promises.) These peaceniks see he began MORE wars (Libya) & has taken us closer to World War- Obama has left a very small force in Afghanistan & so they are easily attacked. When we had many troops-that did not happen-Obama stated "he trusts the Muslims to protect us"-great idea Ostupid- your lack of any experience in war, military and foreign policy, your absolute FAITH &LOVE for Muslims blinds ODUMBO to reality- this man is a danger to USA&criminally negligentas CIC- I am damn sure he would not leave his own family members to be "protected by Muslims" romneyryan 2012