Shavager. Wrote:
Oct 27, 2012 12:27 PM
WHAT would you expect from a party with a president who said in Sept, 2008 "I want YOU to ARGUE with them and GET IN THEIR FACE." and earlier in June, '08: "IF THEY BRING A KNIFE TO THE FIGHT, WE BRING A GUN." IF you have any DOUBT about his LOYALTIES--he said at UN this year: "The future MUST NOT belong to those who slander the prophet of ISLAM." OWEbumbler said in his book "Audacity of Hope" page 261: " I WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS SHOULD THE POLITICAL WINDS SHIFT IN AN UGLY DIRECTION." How much UGLIER can it get than 2700+ Americans MURDERED BY MUSLIMS ON 9/11?? How much UGLIER than 13 MORE Americans MURDERED BY A MUSLIM AT FORT HOOD or an American Ambassador RAPED, TORTURED, and MURDERED with 3 Seals in LIBYA??