jweatherspoon Wrote:
Oct 27, 2012 12:09 PM
I taught grades 9-12 for 9 years. I taught a semester-long Health Class to 10th & 11th grade students in a public school. When the topic of SEX came around inthe course plan, I usually opened that sections first session with "Sex is a wonderful thing...for without we wouldn't be here...nor would we have much of anything to eat". The first hapf of this statement is an attention getter, while the second stress that the two sexes have integral roles in life on planet Earth. As far as human intercourse...ABSTINENCE until marriage was stressed. Too many kids these days have been immersed in a culture of sin, sex and violence. It comes at them from every angle at the speed of light with todays modern plethora of e-gadgets. (CONTINUED)