mhorvath Wrote:
Oct 26, 2012 6:20 PM
Stevens served as the "liason: to the al-Quaeda insurients in Libya, whose leder is now the new leader of Libyas Stevens is than named Ambassador to Libya, and is in Bhenghazi, as what we are told is an Ameican consulate, though the status of Bhenghazi is not officially a Consulate? Stevens is in Bhenghazi on 9/11 to oversee a shipment of arms to the al Qaeda insurgents in SYRIA, and is slain by the same elments that he is supporting? Bashir Assab may not be a saint, but than who is> Al Qaeda does not have our interest and is killing our troops in Aghanistan, creatin havoc througout Africa and Asia, ans we are arming them? For what reason is Hillary and Obama still spinning fables, and not being ibdicted for TREASON?