corPARAnoid Wrote:
Oct 26, 2012 3:09 PM
I guess you need 2ASK the right people. Our SCORE (non-profit) CAL organization takes you thru their Job & Networking process, additional Resume/Phone Interviews/Submitting RESUME on-line, several motivating classes 2keep you prepared. They even required a 16 hr commitment to work in their volunteer positions-ACTIVE. The BEST, their Friday's Network Auditorium Group Session where people told of openings they found but weren't qualified for. By 2-3, I found my next Job. I went diff 3 times, when I was a Contractor. My turnaround was 2 mo. to hire,.the avg was 4 mo. I have never collected unemployment. It's not only about Getting a job, it's keeping yourself prepared, networking, and dare I say Debit vs Credit Card, 6mo. Salary Saved