Cato JR Wrote:
Oct 26, 2012 2:38 PM
The Dems promised an end to all sorts of tariffs and imposts and liquor taxes (as usual with Dems, it almost always comes down to buying votes thru personal corruption) in exchange. They tricked people by ending thte voluntary nature of our tax system and the same year they ended the gold backed dollar in 1913, creating the Federal Reserve Board. Those 2 brought back slavery to the U.S., but now for all. Your survival is at the whim of the political class. As for the Great Depression, it didn't start until after Dems tripled tax rates after winning Congress in 1930. Reagan still inherited worse, and it was over before 1982 began. The deflation, though, took longer to end, and govt. economic data never grasps deflation -- see 2008.