Grandma Shirley Wrote:
Oct 26, 2012 8:04 AM
This is the "classy" typical Obama supporter - lawless thugs! The most dangerous part of this election is SMARTMATIC/Hugo Chavez’s part in the process! Already early voters are reporting problems that they voted for Romney/Ryan and the computer posted to Obama/Biden! A few days earlier two different vote tallies popped up on CBS - 1 in Arizona on the Peoples Court program - at the bottom of the screen a final tally of the election popped up dated November 6 and showed Obama winning 43% to 40% for Romney with 99% of the votes tallied????? This is why Hugo Chavez is such a friend of Obama! Now Obama wants the U. N. to monitor the elec-tions! BEWARE! Congress must do something to keep the U.N. out of our domestic affairs!