stendar Wrote:
Oct 25, 2012 11:42 PM
components for China’s nuclear power plants. Nov 19, 1993 Chinese Pres Jiang Zemin meets informally with Pres Clinton at a conference for Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation ldrs. Clinton says, “I think anybody should be reluctant to isolate a country as big as China with the potential China has for good.” Jan 1994 Clinton admin authorizes Chinese launch of 3 Amer-satellites, 1 a Hughes satellite. The US resumes financing for the UNFPA, which funds China’s population control program that includes coercive abortion. March 30, 1994 The US lifts export restrictions on telecomnctns, computer tech imposed by the Cordntng Comte for Multltrl Exprt Cntrls. China and the former Soviet block are the primary beneficiaries. Clinton-China-Treason