stendar Wrote:
Oct 25, 2012 11:40 PM
Sept 29, 1993 Pres Clinton announces a plan, which Comerc Secr Ron Brown helped develop, to liberalize Coordinating-Comte for Multilateral Export Controls restrictions on computers and other high tech equipment to China, other nations. Oct 5, 1993 China conducts an underground nuclear weapons test. Nov 12, 1993 Pres Clinton grants Hughes and Martin-Marietta waivers to launch US satellites from Chinese rockets. Nov 17, 1993 Sec-St Warren Christopher indicates that if China will discuss its transfer of missile technology to Pakistan, the US will allow 2 Amer satellites to be exported. Nov 18, 1993 Pres Clinton decides to permit the sale to China of an $8-mln spr-computer, 958-mln-calculations-p-sec. He also lifts the ban on selling