stendar Wrote:
Oct 25, 2012 11:35 PM
What Bill-Hill-Clinton did with Comunist-China was-is way-beyond-outrageous ! A Monumental-Collossal-traitorous-treasonous, US-Pres-admin-Cabnt-Dept-Agncs, politically-$$-motivated, agenda-$$-crime-wave ! Now before the election, We should all bring all of this out on as many Political-News-Radio-TV-Websites as we can and pin it on Bill-Hill-Clinton, Obama, DNC, Dem-Coms, Comnst-China, our-their-over-importing-goods-products-to-the-US, stealing-US-patents, cyber-hacking-sabotage, human-animal-rights, massive-military-buildup, Chinese-curncy-Yuan-manipulatn ! China Gate Candidates Bill-Hillary-Clinton Pres Clinton's China-Tech-Transfers /0041