hidefullofHoney Wrote:
Oct 25, 2012 5:52 PM
serious set backs facing US VETERANS after deployment =1 being HEALTHiNSURANCE called TRI-CARE 4Military families is NOT ACCEPTED in 4 out of 5 mental health facilities or Hospitals.Which is extremely frustrating &most SERVICE MEMBERS can't find HEALTHCARE Professional who will accept TRI-CARE POLICY. ~because the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT does NOT PAY them back in a timely manner if ever -&BHO increased policy payments by 400%=DISHEARTENING.&2ND MILITARY PAY is so SLOW we have GONE on foodSTAMPS 2xs waiting 2be PAYED this year alone- WE have BORROWED from r families 2 pay r RENT&UTILITIES-WE can't LIVE on NO $ while we WAIT 4 'PROPER SIGNATURES' 2 release r PAY HAZARDOUS LIFE THREATENING conditions&NO PAY is BS UNCLE SAM-I AM NOT RE ENLISTING-