U.S. Vet Wrote:
Oct 25, 2012 10:07 AM
Only a Liberal would whine about who's not paying Taxes, Liberal Fairness is Not "Redistributing" someone else's success. Fairness is NOT Doling out Money to those who don't or Won't work. Taxes as of 2012, 0-8700 10%,8700-35000 15%,35000-85000 25%,85000-178000 28%,178000-3888000 33%,388000-and up 35%, Now it has not changed a whole lot from the 1990's, Where based on the same wages as above the Tax rate was from bottom to top 15%,15%,28%,31%,36%,39%.Its really funny when Liberals talk about the wealthy paying more but those Rich Liberals sure as the sun comes up don't want to pay, or find away not to pay taxes on there money,Like those Liberal HollyWood Supporters of Obama's,Yep there begging to pay higher Taxes. "Right" NOT.