Andy544 Wrote:
Oct 24, 2012 8:47 PM
George 'I'd crawl I would crawl on my knees to Hanoi for peace' McGovern has passed on. The losing candidate in one of the biggest 'blow out' election losses in U.S. Presidential history (McGovern won only Massachussetts and Washington D.C.), McGovern was personally a decent man whose small town roots and evangelical Protestant preacher father's up-bringing showed thru. McGovern's politics were the typical muddled Democratic left-wing, big-government mish-mash; and, like Jimmy Carter, there is probably not a left-wing dictator's neck that he hadn't hugged in the course of his career, but at bottom he seemed a decent, if not somewhat mis-guided, man. My 1st Presidential election vote, at age 24, went to George McGovern. I changed; he didnt..