MiaRose Wrote:
Oct 23, 2012 12:16 PM
In answer to: AskGermaine wrote: "So, like in the 2nd debate, Romney can be embarassed by having the facts wrong. All he had to do was read the rose garden transcript himself. " Really AG? You can backtrack like Candy Crowely did after the debate. To sum it up for you, when Obama was speaking in the rose garden he described what happened to our ambassador and 3 others as "a shocking attack", "brutal attack", and a "terrible act". He said we reject efforts to denigrate others religous beliefs (a reference to the video He called the people responsible "killers", "attackers". When he spoke of 9/11 at the end he said "no act of terror will shake our resolve". He never called the event a terrorist attack and never called the killers TERRORISTS.