Geoff34 Wrote:
Oct 23, 2012 11:11 AM
Back during the VN war, my Gunny Sgt was put out that we NROTC kids (I use the term intentionally) were not being aggressive enough in pugil stick training. He explained the rules of combat this way (Yes, I still remember the speech. It has stuck with me over the years): "You people seem to think if you do a good job and don't hurt the other guy too bad he'll respect you and not hurt you too bad. That's not how it works. Combat is not honorable. The idea is not to scare the other guy away, or put up a good show. The basic principle is - if you hurt him bad enough, fast enough, he won't be able to hurt you at all. Never forget that." And I haven't. As usual, the Gunny was right. Don't try to scare the intruder-disable him AFAP!