Luke Liberty Wrote:
Oct 22, 2012 6:44 PM
What gets me is the howling by the guardians on the left, in the context of the Roman Polanski exile. Remember that revered spokesperson and celebrity of the left, watched by millions more viewers every day than will watch Todd Akin in a lifetime, named Whoopi Goldberg? She, like her Hollywood friends, find room in their heart to be outraged that Polanski cannot come to the US. "It's not like it was 'rape-rape'" says Ms. Goldberg, referring to "consensual" sodomization of a drugged thirteen year old girl by Mr. Polanski at a party. If you want a scandal about using the term "legitimate rape" ask why Ms. Goldberg stayed on the "View" after her morally reprobate and profoundly arrogant, ignorant comments.