cvacd5 Wrote:
Oct 22, 2012 5:02 PM
I don't understand: the dems want us to share our money with the less fortunate, pay for their food, home, cell phones because they can't & don't want to do it for themselves. I understand some may not be able to, I have no problem helping them out in life. When it comes to abortion shouldn't we be thinking the same way? There are a lot of women out there that cannot have children due to some issue they may have, why can a 17 year old girl or 30 year old woman decide to end the life of an unborn child as many times as she wants with no consequences? I mean, if I drive my friend to his house and he goes in and does something bad I may end up going to jail. Why do women not go to jail? Why not give that child to someone? Fair Share No?