DedeGreene Wrote:
Oct 22, 2012 2:48 PM
What a horrendous "twilight zone" we are all in if Obama is being held up as a paragon of "modern,'" spiritual 'virtue. Now he's redefining Christianity? Wonder has anyone told Jesus about that? Christianity does not "belong" to "Conservatives" and subject to being lost/forfeited as if its wagered in a political poker game. Conservative are much too quiet on all of the 'good works' done in Christs' name. You have allowed the most vile practitioners/advocates of "baby killing at will" and 'perversion' to win the MORAL HIGH GROUND? Time to let folks know that the Secular Democrats' platform is not made in the Image of God. This line crossing is what made us leave the party and plan to vote for Romney wholeheartedly.