Lisa523 Wrote:
Oct 22, 2012 2:31 PM
As one person said they knew Mitt could handle a 1 on 1 debate but they never knew he'd do so well 2 against 1. We'll see what the lame stream has up their sleeves for tonight. 1 thing we know is that their polls are not ever correct and if they say Obama is tied it means he's getting CRUSHED. America sees what CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN,HLN and MSNBWHO? are up to and those "media" outlets are just that pure entertainment. Journalism is dead unless it's a story trying to unravel a Republican blunder then, they're all "journalists." Anyone hear about the DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE who was BUYING VOTES? So much for voter fraud being fictional. The commander-in-chief "normalized" Libya? WHAT?! HOW 'bout we normalize the Presidents security while he's abroad?