Terrell7 Wrote:
Oct 22, 2012 5:45 AM
We need more people to opt out. Lots more. Jam up the system. Some will reply that the TSA doesnt care. You mention the squeeky wheel. Let the airlines start sqeeking when they have to put up with flying half empty planes because everyone was in the opt out line waiting on the lowest common denominator TSA workers. We need more opt out people because the TSA people don't like doing the feel-ups. So let em quit. Make the system come to a grind. As to the $500 for the rebook. I thought about that recently on Lexington Green recently after I opted out to get to Boston for some touring. What is the price of liberty? Does a $500 rebook compare to staring back at the muzzle of a Brown Bess at 630 am on April 19, 1775? Does it?