corPARAnoid Wrote:
Oct 20, 2012 11:58 PM
Larry, could you do some Research on the number of WAL-MART employee's use Food Stamps? Give us some facts please on who or what is causing this increase? Isn't that a trend of Wal-Mart not to provide a 'living wage' but to allow the government to subsidize their employee's income? {Similar to their Dead Peasants Insurance/Interest Scam.} And then once you investigate that, how many 'WORKING' people use Food Stamps? How many PH.D's ...or better yet the Educational level who are collecting Food Stamps? What was the growth in Food Stamps due to: you know Tornado's, Hurricanes, the Recession? Did they decline afterwards? What's the cost of Administering Food Stamps both Federal & State, and which elites (both sides) get those jobs?