John1921 Wrote:
Oct 20, 2012 3:59 PM
Why are you enjoying the routine spectacle of a black affirmative-action hire mega-botching his job? Fed govt IT hiring was a constant source of hilarity for this. Sure, they hired these minorities and all went well until the inevitable day when one got stuck with the responsiblity of really correcting a problem. Booooom!!!! Same shuffle-and-jiving as Wilie Best, Steppin Fetchit, or O'bwana. Same enforced no-comment, even no-thinking, about the obvious by any of us crackers. The absolutely hopeless got fired; the demi-qualified were promoted to supervisory positions. The point is, a majority of US voters elected this dim-bulb as President. This displays an ignorance of epic proportions, and a propensity for denial that is life-threatening.