NoBS Wrote:
Oct 20, 2012 12:32 PM
Replying to one-self is revealing... KopfShuss mentions: Wars with unintended consequences is why we have a power vacuum in the middle east. If we want to be the world's enforcerer, then we have to pay for it through increased revenues/taxes... Is that the same as supplying intel and arming the Lybians to over throw Moammar Gadhafi? You do know that the Muslim Brotherhood is now running the show in the mideast, right? The same M.B. that Obama has their best interest at heart? The same M.B. that was around while Moammar had his pant's down while the Muslims Buggered him to prove a point? The same M.B. that was around when Ambassador Stevens was dragged around WITH HIS F'n pants missing!!! Yeah, you proved your point!