jweatherspoon Wrote:
Oct 20, 2012 8:59 AM
The only thing we need to teach about Islam in American Schools R the facts! They are directed by their holy book to either convert all they encounter or kill them. The koran also instructs suicide & murder by whatever means to defeat enemies is praised...post mortem. Islamic males OWN WOMEN and can treat them any way they wish to include 9yrs of age and up. Let's see...did I miss anything else that is of a heinous nature? If muslims/islamists wish to co-exist in America...they must either act as any other religious sect, ei: Jew, Protestant,Catholic, Adventist, Mormom, Jehovah Witnes and even Scientologists or Krishnas (do they still exits in any numbers in America?). They may attempt to convince others that theirs the best choice.