9th&10thAmendmentStateSovereignty Wrote:
Oct 20, 2012 3:56 AM
Multiculturalist Socialist Obama Criminal Outlaw Administration has created a clear pathway for any of the50 States to secede from the Union mostly by the Obama Crime Syndicate knowingly deliberately intentionally ignoring evading distorting perverting subverting violating&breaking parts of the10th Amend.&Article4& many parts of the other AmendmentsTOO MANY TOO LIST HEREwhich is violating&breaking a LEGAL&LAWFUL MUTUALLY BINDING CONTRACT that cuts both ways accurately known as the Constitution&the Amendments to the Constitution resulting in Treason Tyranny&Sedition against any of the 50 States.Its Obama's Criminal Outlaw Federal Government that has seceded from the Union which gives the States the PRECEDENT to MUTUALLY secede from the Union