hazie Wrote:
Oct 19, 2012 11:58 PM
It's pretty sad when batsh!tcrazy meets loser in the world of teabaggers. They are left with nothing except taking the President's words out of context, contorting their meaning and parsing the heck out of them in order to whip up the ignorati into a brainless rage. Yeah, you've got that right, dumbos. The wingnut hate machine is PLAYING you, once again. Have you LISTENED to the comment in full context? If you have, complete with the ENTIRE question that Stewart asked and the ENTIRE comment from President Obama, then you'd be shaking your head right now like the rest of us and saying "Oh-dear-GOD-please-make-these-idiots-on-the-right-STOP". You SHOULD be asshamed of your Party and it's sickos right now for politicizing these deaths.