ResistWeMuch Wrote:
Oct 19, 2012 6:31 PM
Allidunce wrote: "Obama won the 2nd debate AND WILL lay waste to Romney in the next one. Foreign policy is his sweet spot," He's not getting a bump from the 2nd debate. He lost on the internals. You should have paid closer attention. I'll let PPP, the Dem polling group that Kos uses, burst your bubble: "Democrats need to accept debate this week was not a big game changer" Romney got the bump in Gallup. He will be getting a bump in Ras starting tomorrow, according to Scott. He got a bump in NH and IA. He got a 7 point swing in his direction on economic issues and cut Obama's lead in WI down to 2. Among those who have already voted in WI, it’s Romney 54%, Obama 43%. Obama won WI by 14 in 2008. MO: It's R +11. McCain only won