tbeaman Wrote:
Oct 19, 2012 1:42 PM
Mr. Brent Bozell, The real issue here and one question that is NOT being asked is "Why just days after the extra security detail was removed from Bengazi and there were no other foreign entities in the area (The Red Cross and the Brits left for safety concerns) and Am. Stephens just recently spoke of his concerns for his safety and recently asked for even more help, was he sent to Bengasi just days before a "planned attack" on the US consulate? If this attack was "planned", how did al Quida know he was to be there and who was the hired security (Libian) who tipped off the terrorists as to where Stephens was taken ? (the "safe house") Also, PLEASE inform the public about the fact NO marine security forces can be armed in Lybia!!!