mstorey Wrote:
Oct 19, 2012 12:39 PM
O.K. I'll bite, even IF the "they fund them" ploy were totally correct. Why? Why must I fund the mammograms with my tax money? Why should some unelected, unaccountable organization, a so called "charity" (they turn a profit..were is the charity status rational) get huge chunks of money funneled through that "charity" via a robbing of me, government raking off thier "cut" then funneled through various "front charities" and their "cut"like PP to the affiliate health provide and their "cut" to finally provide the dubious "health care" to the indigent recipient.? There is such a thing called medicare and medicaid, a direct infusion of cash to service provider via my extorted taxes, that method only has one "rake off" for the Government.