Nobodys_Thom Wrote:
Oct 19, 2012 10:59 AM
Well I am certain I was when younger poorer than you have ever been. Lived in Texas with not even a window unit ac until I was 41. Fry cook wife waitress. Had no hot water from march till November. No way to wash me and three kids except kitchen sink. However got degree taught school at 45 bought small brick home with ac then. Had one toilet flushed with bucket until then. Ok?? Worked out of poverty then at 56 back gave up. Cannot walk around block wife got epilepsy can't drive. Have Never taken penny of aid or unemployment and have almost used up all money. Own 9 mm solution but still trying. Can't sit. Typing lying down. still looking for work I can do.. Wrote kids book. you want to buy?????