NeoConScum Wrote:
Oct 18, 2012 6:20 PM
Cummings is a loathsome coward & toad. Tell me, Congressman,'Yo: WHAT specifically is it about a requirement that you are who you say you are at a polling place--Valid CURRENT State ID--that so horrifies you and your associates? Are you alleging that black folks and latinos are just too damned incompetent to acquire Valid ID? Us Republicans don't buy that they're too dumb, too incompetent or too clueless to acquire State ID. Does that assumption of yours mean that they shouldn't be required to have Valid ID to buy booze or get on an Airplane,'Yo? BLACK FOLKS: The Demowits believe you're STUPID. We Repubs assume you are fully competent to get ID. C'Mon over, Kids, the water's fine and we won't TALK DOWN to you.