Mike28 Wrote:
Oct 18, 2012 2:00 PM
since we don't know what area you live in and have no way of knowing what you say is true I call BS. I'm sure every home owner who lost 30% of the value of their home now is only 20% behind. Are you just stupid? bo and his ilk have printed more and more money into circulation and this reduces the value of the dollar. Econ 101 stuid. Since oil prices are based upon the dollar and the value of said dollar has decreased the cost of oil has gone up and up. True unemployement is nearer to 9.5%. BTW, the unemployement numbers have been restated since California screwed things up and now have reported their numbers. Get a clue. Never has a recession taken this long, never. Inflation is running about 3% which further depresses the buying power.