dergen Wrote:
Oct 17, 2012 3:03 AM
-advanced-missiles-test-launching successfully, not failing as they had done so many-x-before, thanks to Bill Clinton ! In 1996 when Bill Clinton was given illegal campaign-$$ from Com-China BC traveled to China, where he announced an increase in the pace of collaboration between the US and China in the area of space tech. BC had already made certain decisions intended to make it easier for Amer-comercl-comnctn-satellites to be launched on Chinese boosters. This was an important issue for PLA-Col-Liu's-Co which, in addition to building missiles for the Chinese-military, was in the comrcl-satellite-bus. Same for Hughes, Loral, Motorola, Martin Marietta, that build satellites, they had been paying $100s-mlns to launch their satellites on