dergen Wrote:
Oct 17, 2012 3:01 AM
-State-Dept over to Ron Browns Comerc-Dept in 1996, for a subsequent easier final transfer over to Com-China, supposedly for "Comercl-use-Only," But obviously ending up being used by China for "Developing-Advancing" its "long-beleagured-lagging-highly-failure-prone-plagued" high-tech-military-programs, by 10-20-years as well ! NY Times - 10-19-98 - According to a 1995 Comerc-Dept-doc, Pres Clinton "made clear" in private-conversations he had with Comrc Sec Ron Brown, that "he doesn't believe we've done enough to streamline, liberalize." The doc mapped out how R-Brown should lobby high-level Clinton-admin-officials to "Ease-Shift-Controls on Spr-Computer exports to China !" Jan-1-2001 - News leads off with videos of China's newest-latest