Djvd Wrote:
Oct 15, 2012 3:49 PM
So right NONE! I say, GET A JOB, and pay for your own care whether its, heating, water, phone, health care or rent? Too many users in the world that want everyone else to pay for their responsibilities. I don't have a problem with short term help for some, if they only need a helping hand until they get on their feet, or those TRUELY DISABLED. It's the "takers" of the world I have a problem with. I say ship em out, or back to where they come from and let their own country take care of them for a change. THIS IS THE TRUE WAY OBAMA can become their leader, cause he can go with em and feed and cloth and give shelter on his own dime. Then lets close all the borders to everyone for at least 20 Years. Lets get back to being TRUE AMERICANS..