Barbara25 Wrote:
Oct 15, 2012 2:52 PM
You could probably start with: 1) THE BLACK PANTHERS (lots more members than you realize), 2) The Militant Factions of the "Occupy Wall Street" movements in many major cities in the country, and then there are 3) all the Converts to MUSLIM in EVERY STATE'S PRISON SYSTEM across America . (I hope our populace isn't naive enough or doesn't believe that all these "lost persons/criminals" sought out Muslimism, because of THEIR NEW FOUND STRONG COMMITMENT TO A RELIGIOUS FAITH )? They are all looking forward to the day of a call to Jihad, when they can riot, & take out their hatred for & on the predominately WHITE legal system that put them there. That is good for starters... and NO, this isn't a RACIST DIATRIBE, it is the truth.