DedeGreene Wrote:
Oct 15, 2012 1:00 PM
I heard this, too, but that nagging thing is the lop-sided half of the story. I've volunteer for five years every other Saturday morning in a black church, 9am - 12N, where they offer marriage/ counseling and support groups. 85% of the time, WITHOUT FAIL, the black man has "lived up on the wife", and it has gotten old and the 'sisters' has just gotten tired. Can you imagine a grown man telling you for two, three, or even four years he can't find a part-time job delivering pizzas or even a paper route? They wants to call her a nag? I'm sorry, I just couldn't let this go. Black women put up with felons, drug addicts, bisexuals, abusers, etc. The pastors advise these women to date other races of men who WILL and WANT TO WORK.