C.61 Wrote:
Oct 15, 2012 11:23 AM
The debate showed how low the dems. will go in throwing out garbage on their record. On his best day,Biden is a total moron! The way he acted during the debates was atrocious! He should have been thrown off the stage! FactCheck caught him on eight lies! What rock was this found under in Delaware.? He is only a heart beat away from being president. Obama is already,far and away,our worst president,but Joe is a train wreck! These are scary times and if Obama is re-elected,our children have NO future! None,nada,zip,zero! Very sad that everything our good people in the past work for is going down the toilet! I can't wait for the death panels in Obamacare. I'm getting as much medical work done as I can,as care will end soon!