pentir Wrote:
Oct 15, 2012 9:24 AM
2011 US-Foreign Trade Deficit "Goods-Products-"Oil." Imports: $2-Trln-207-bln Exports: $1-Trln-481-bln -$725-bln, -$300-bln-w/China, "$440-bln was spent on oil-imports !" The 2012-#'s will be around the same, The State Dept which is run by the Sec-St, Hillary Clinton, is in charge of All US-foreign Policies, US-Embassies-Diplomats ! Tim Geithner works closely with H-C on all State-Dept's-economic-financial-related-matters-policies, Trade-WTO-NAFTA-OPEC, China-devaluing its currency, which H-Clinton, T-Geithner aren't doing anything about ! The Obama admin has had 4-yrs, but they added 6-Trln-$$ to the Natl Debt, Why reward them with another 4-yrs ! China Gate Candidates B-H-Clinton w/John-Chung