pentir Wrote:
Oct 15, 2012 9:09 AM
The US-St-Dept is in control of All-US-Foreign-Trade, WTO-OPEC-China-Japan-EU-Asia-India, NAFTA-Mex-CA, C-S-America, H-Clinton-St-Dept: Deputy-ast-Sec-Craft: In charge of "US-Foreign "Trade" Policy-Programs". T-Geithner-Trs-Dept: "Advising" on domestic, "international" financial, monetary, economic, "Trade" and tax policy. Fiscal pollcy being the sum of these and ultimate responsibility of Congress. H-Clinton and T-Geithner work together, are in charge of negotiating US-China-OPEC-Trade Policy, US-China Strategic Economic Dialogue, A forum-mechanism under which the 2 countries address global areas of immediate--long-term strategic-economic-%. In 2009 the SED was expanded to give US St-Dept, H-Clinton a bigger role by the Obama admin.