pentir Wrote:
Oct 15, 2012 8:45 AM
-$725-billion, -$300-billion-w/China, "$440-billion was spent on oil-imports !" The 2012-#'s will be around the same, The Obama Admin has had 4-yrs, but they added 6-Trln-$$ to the National Debt, Why reward them with another 4-yrs ! 1993-2001 Report on Pres Bill Clinton: Status Of US Intel, Export Control, Satellite-Missile-Launching-Super-Computer-Technology-Tranfers, with objections from Sec-St Warren Christopher, From the US-State-Dept over to Ron Browns Comerc-Dept in 1996, for subsequent easier final transfer over to Communist China Supposedly for "Comercl-use-Only" But obviously endng up being used by China for "Developing-Advancing" its "long-beleagured-lagging-highly-failure-prone-plagued" high-tech-military-progrms, by-10-more