Matt in N.C. Wrote:
Oct 15, 2012 5:42 AM
Ms. Noon: Milt37 made a thoughtful and interesting post below, but his advice may not be entirely helpful. I was struck by this passage: "In December 2011, CEO Craig Witsoe called Abound Solar the 'anti-Solyndra' saying that his company is 'doing well and growing.' However, just months after that optimistic report, Abound Solar filed bankruptcy…” Martha Stewart went to prison for declaring her innocence and saying truthfully that her company was sound. Wiltsoe lied outright and probably cost investors a mint, but he's still free. What protection does he enjoy that Martha Stewart, a Democrat celebrity, doesn't -- and why? It would've been a shame to edit out this detail. Keep investigating the weeds. Many pests live there.