DavidOlsen54 Wrote:
Oct 14, 2012 7:33 PM
So you think it is such a big deal to have teachers make our children think between the lines? Why would we want robots for children? Have you seen China's education system? They're all little robots! This is why America is GREAT because we think for ourselves! (not selfishly) I agree, we're way below MANY countries, but to add" What do you think about this issue,or how could we do that another way" would not take an entire class period. Get over yourself Mr.Olson, and more so MrPeterson, give a little from your heart. If we didn't stand up to England with OUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE because some people thought: Hey! There's another way we can live, with out oppression by the Brits! You're welcome. Hopefully your heads did not blow up.