Isahiah Wrote:
Oct 14, 2012 2:04 PM
I posted a different version of that Bible quote on my Facebook-did not mention the debate or Biden-every O voter recognized Biden for th fool, knew he behaved badly yet defended HIM!one tu quoque tried to compare Romney's asides to the moderator to stop Oblabbermouth going over his time-Obama also interrupted Romney- one cried :oh but he had to retort the LIES-so now I treat them as they treated Ryan-laugh in their faces and shout them down(delete their posts or block) If Dems hated LIES how can they vote for OBAMA? a man told too many to count! or Biden of the Behghazi whopper? would you walk across the aisle to people who laugh in your face? to people who make up what they wish your argument was and argue against their own LIES?