Suzieq10 Wrote:
Oct 14, 2012 9:15 AM
The ONLY THING the voters in America can count on from the Barack Hussein Mohammed Soetoro Obama Administration, is LIES,LIES,LIES,LIES,LIES,LIES,LIES,LIES. He and Nancy Pelosi haver pulled off the BIGGEST Hoax on the USA by her 'approving' his faked, doctored, manipulated, phony Hawaiian birth certificate which landed him in OUR Oval Office. Pelousy and the boy king should be brought up on charges for their crime against this country, and the Muslim should be IMPEACHED and JAILED, and Pelousy should be JAILED and be barred from EVER serving in any capacity in any government who is dumb enough to elected to anything in the future except for cheerleader of the prison dog tracking team.