OneAmericanvoice Wrote:
Oct 13, 2012 9:36 PM
It's a little strong to say that we've "going to bury the last vestiges of big government." We will hopefully roll back big government, which is a good thing, but there will still be more than just "vestiges" when Romney is done. If we're lucky, in four years we might be back to a slightly more Reaganesque version of Clinton-Gingrich c. 1997, before Gingrich blew it chasing Monica down the rabbit's hole. (Stipulated, Clinton was guilty of everything, and it might have gotten further if Gingrich's own infidelities hadn't come to light, but it ended up looking partisan because of the overall insignificance of the charges. Also, I have to concede that the budget balance relied too much on the capital gains from the first dot-com boom.)